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Why Freedom Machine Tool?

Freedom Machine Tool was founded on the principle of quality. We believe you deserve something that simply works, day-in and day-out. A subsidiary brand of Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), Freedom Machine Tool brings the same quality and rigidity DMS machines have become known for.  Trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the globe, take your business to the next level with a Freedom Machine Tool.


We use 3/8′ thick steel tubing on all FMT frames-providing industry leading strength and longevity. Our expert engineers understand the importance of using thick steel rather than over sizing the tubes. The base is stress relieved prior to machining, then the base and bridge structures are machined on a custom large format gantry-this creates exceptional smoothness, allowing the machine to hold incredible tolerances. The 3/8′ thick steel tubing provides industry leading longevity-this frame really is in a class of its own.

Motion Components

All axes motions include high precision 25mm profiled rails and preloaded recirculating ball screw assembly for reliable anti-backlash operations. The industrial strength Fagor Control System features matching Fagor closed-loop, brushless AC servo motors, and servo amplifiers on all axes. This guarantees the ability for components to work flawlessly in unison and delivers higher quality products and superior machine life for your investment.

CNC Control

Freedom Machine Tool exclusively utilizes Fagor controls on all our routers. Fagor is an industry leading control company with a magnitude of resources and support available. An industrial control is the epitome of professionalism and quality. USB ports make importing programs as simple as copy and paste, or connect your control to your network and simply copy programs via your network. By combining ease of use and power, the Fagor control makes the decision easy.


Freedom Machine Tool is committed to top-quality customer service and an excellent client experience. Because we use the same control and build as our DMS machines, our technicians have run through just about every scenario imaginable. We have the experience and knowledge to be there when you need us. Not convinced? Give us a call and ask away.

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Freedom Machine Tool is proud to offer Vectric CAD / CAM Software as optional features to powerfully equip your complete CNC solution. VCarve Pro is a popular favorite among 2D designers, and Aspire offers all the same approachable benefits as VCarve Pro with the added ability to create, edit and machine in 3D.

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Wrench-type spindle options include HSD 5 and 9 HP models with programmable spindle speeds from 2,000 – 18,000 RPM. In the automatic tool change category, we offer 5 HP and 11 HP HSD spindles, programmable up to 24,000 RPM with a 8-position tool rack. The 6th position depends on your desire for an automatic tool height sensor (fits in the 6th tool position). All of our spindles are electric fan-cooled for quiet operation. These widely-used, US-supported, precision spindles are less costly to repair and easier to maintain then the comparable, low quality, imported, liquid-cooled types.

Other Design Features

All spindle tool plates are counter balanced to take pressure off of the Z-axis servo motor for smoother operation and long component life. High-quality, robotic-type flexible wiring is used throughout the machine, ensuring a superior product.

Freedom Machine Tool, a division of Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), is located at 1068 Elkton Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907. Diversified Machine Systems has over 30 years of custom CNC machine engineering, innovation and industry experience, including thousands of machine installations at businesses ranging from small workshops to large fortune 500 companies. DMS builds a complete line of 3 axis CNC & 5 axis CNC machines for industries that include woodworking, plastics, aerospace, sign making, medical, consumer electronics, and more. You won’t find a more talented or experienced organization to build your CNC router. Freedom Machine Tool was launched in 2009 to meet the demand for a value-priced, industrial-quality CNC router requested by shop managers to maintain production. The birth of Freedom Machine Tool, the Patriot product line and the Orthorout for the orthotics industry, is our answer to this challenge. These machines are built to the same standards as larger DMS machines to ensure reliability, accuracy and repeatability.